Secure Document Destruction

Secure Destruction/Shredding  of confidential paper documents is another service that we are able to offer through our approved shredding partner – CS Shredding.

The Document Destruction Process

The process is simple:

Securely Shredded Documents

Securely Shredded Documents

  1. We arrange to come and collect your paperwork from your offices and take it straight back to our secure warehouse location in Essex.
  2. The boxes/paperwork are then emptied into our large destruction bins ready to be passed to CS Shredding (our Approved Supplier for over 10 years).
  3. The bins are collected by CS Shredding, taken back to their location in Hertfordshire and securely destroyed within 24 hours of their receipt.
  4. Shortly after the destruction has taken place, they send us a copy of your certificate of secure destruction (which details your company name and exactly what has been destroyed and when).
  5. We pass this onto you and the process is complete.


Why use RPJ Scanning for Secure Document Destruction?

CS Document Shredding

CS Document Shredding

We shred hundreds of thousands of pieces of confidential client paperwork every single month. We have been working for CS Shredding since the company was formed, and they provide a fantastic service to us.

Because of our strong London client base we have regular runs collecting documents for destruction in London.

All collection vans are securely locked if left unattended and come straight from your office back to our warehouse in Harlow, Essex, just north of London.

Using our document destruction service means you are helping the environment, because after shredding the paper goes off to be recycled and made into paper products like tissues, kitchen roll and and A4 printer paper.

Both RPJ Scanning and CS Shredding are ISO9001 registered and have years of experience in dealing with confidential paperwork and documents.

Your next step.

We can offer very competitive prices including collection, handling of the confidential documents, the actual destruction and the related administration.  To learn more simply contact us.