Document Scanning On Demand

Document Storage ( Archive box storage) 2

Document Storage for Scan on Demand

Our Scan on Demand services means that you can access documents securely stored with us quickly and reliably.  In fact, it may be quicker than accessing documents stored in your own office.

Your documents are securely stored in our dedicated archive box and document warehouse.  When you need a document just let us know and we locate it, scan it and deliver the digital version to you via our online document management system .  We aim to do this in less than 60 minutes.

It’s not just paper documents that benefit from scan on demand : we can manage your microfiche and microfilm archives, too.

Document storage warehouse

Our document storage warehouse was designed and built to make documents easy to find, as well as keeping them safe and secure.  Everything in it is recorded, so we know where to look for the document we need.  Locating documents is a key part of our business, so we make sure we are quick and efficient at it.

Quality Document Scanning

Getting a scan of your document quickly is no use if the scan is poor quality: incomplete, mis-aligned, or hard to read.  That does not happen with us. We are document scanning professionals, with expert staff, top quality scanners, and state of the art OCR software.

Quicker and Cheaper Document Storage

Scan On Demand makes it quicker and cheaper to use document scanning to move to digital archiving, because you don’t need to scan in all your documents straight away.  Just scan in the ones you are most likely to use again, perhaps those from the last 1 or 2 years.  All the rest will be scanned on demand, only when you need them.

We scan just what you need, just when you need it.  That removes the risks that you will pay to have documents scanned then never need them again, so that the scanned document is never actually used.

Faster response to your clients

RPJ Online Screenshot 1

Screenshot of RPJ Online Document Management delivering Scan on Demand documents

Scan on demand can help you deliver a faster and more reliable response to your clients. Their queries are answered quickly, because your documents are accessible quickly.