Online Document Management and Delivery

Our secure web hosted electronic document management solution, makes all your scanned documents available 24/7 to any device with web access. It is fast, secure and simple to use.  It is called RPJ Online, and is powered by Instant Intelligence Archiving.

Find your documents – fast

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Rapid access at your desktop

Because all your scanned documents are logically organised, and because you search by moving your mouse not by walking around an office or a  storeroom, the document you need is just a few clicks away. No more being told by your staff “I’m sorry it’s late – I couldn’t find the documents !”

Once logged in, users see their filing cabinets and folders within them just like folders on their PC. Files can be moved, printed, downloaded and renamed, depending on permissions.  New files can be uploaded, and paper documents can be scanned straight into the system.

RPJ Online can handled all standard file formats and can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to bring in emails straight into your on-line filing cabinets.

As well as documents being logically organised into categories and sub-categories their contents are searchable. As soon as scanned documents are loaded they are translated using OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) software to add all the printed text to the search index. Keyword search means it’s easy to find all the documents relating to a particular topic, even when they are spread over multiple categories.

Secure your documents

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Precise, secure access management

RPJ Online secures your scanned documents against damage, and against disclosure.

Paper documents suffer wear and tear every time they are used : electronic documents don’t.  Electronic documents in RPJ Online are housed at one of the most secure data centres available, and automatically backed up multiple times every day.

Paper documents  – and CD copies of them – can end up in the wrong hands, either accidentally or deliberately.  Documents scanned into RPJ Online can only be viewed by authorised users.  You control precisely which categories of document each user can access. Information flowing between the  servers and your computer is encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology, and the information on the servers is also encrypted.

Updating access rights is quick and easy.  This is important because many security breaches occur because employees have access rights they no longer need.  They have changed role, or even left the company, but still have access.

Getting started is simple

Getting started is simple:  all you need to is a PC with web access. There’s no requirement for capital investment in new IT equipment, and we don’t impose a big set-up charge. You simply pay a small monthly cost per user, and that includes enough on-line storage for up to 175,000 A4 scanned documents.  The lack for up-front costs is great for your cashflow.

This means you see an almost immediate ROI.  As soon as the system is live you start to achieve time and efficiency savings.

Document Scanning

Scanning your existing documents is not a problem.  RPJ take care of the document scanning for you. Our high-capacity scanners, efficient systems and workflow, and skilled staff mean we can quickly and accurately scan any archive of documents.  We are happy to collect documents for scanning, especially  from the London area.  When the documents have been scanned we can return them, archive them, or destroy them.

You may choose to scan in new documents yourself as they occur, or we are happy to provide regular updates.  We regularly collect documents for scanning from the London area.

To find out more please see the Document Scanning page.

Flexible Working

Many companies are looking to flexible working to cut costs and help attract and retain good staff.  RPJ Online makes this easier to achieve, because staff can access all the documents they need, out of the office, and outside normal office hours.

Demonstration Video

Please enjoy this video demonstration of RPJ Online Document Management and Delivery in action.