Large Format Document and Drawing Scanning

Large Format Document Scanner

Large Format Drawing Scanning In Action

Large format drawings and documents may represent information and Intellectual Property that is essential to your organisation. The format makes them awkward and expensive to store and access.  Scanning makes your documents and drawings accessible, secure, and reproducible.

Not all scanning bureaus can scan large documents and drawings. We can scan all sizes up to A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm).

Our scanners

We use industry leading Contex colour and monochrome large format drawing scanners. They deliver exceptional scanning quality and performance, with outstanding image clarity and colour accuracy.

Contex are the large format scanning market leaders. They provide scanners in more than 90 countries, and have been market leaders for more than 100 years.

Our team

Our professional scanning team are well trained, careful and diligent.   They are careful to look after documents and make sure they are not creased or damaged.  They ensure all the scans are good quality.

The format and media you need.

We scan in black & white, grey-scale and colour, in resolutions of up to 600 dpi.  We deliver your documents in the file format that suits you best : PDF, TIFF or JPEG.  We deliver on the media that suits you best : DVD, USB external disk drive, or USB memory stick.  You can also download the scans from  our online document management system.

Online Document Management

Moving your documents online makes it quicker and easier for you staff to find documents, work with them, and share them. Our online system is especially valuable for companies who have employees working outside the office. For example they may be on-site with a client, at an important meeting, or working from home. Your employees can access all the documents they need, as easily as if they were at their desk in your office.

Taking care of your drawings and documents

We take extreme care of your drawings and documents during the scanning process.  After the scanning is complete we return the drawings safely to you.  Alternatively we can save you office space by moving them to our document storage facility.  If the scanning means the original paper documents are no longer required, we can provide secure destruction. This means there is no risk of confidential documents becoming public, and confidential information being leaked.

The large format drawings we scan

The large format drawings and documents we scan include :

  • Engineering and architectural drawings
  • Posters
  • Maps
  • Planning applications
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Blue prints

We work with public sector bodies, health service organisations, engineering firms and architects, amongst others.  They value our 13 years in the Scanning business, and our commitment to  Quality Assurance. They trust us to deliver a cost-effective and reliable service.

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