Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning

Some organisations have years of archives on Microfilm or Microfiche.  These technologies were great in their time, but have been superseded.  In the digital age information  on microfilm needs to be made available electronically, so that it is easy to access, search and share.  This means scanning the filmed docuemnts into a digital format.

RPJ Scanning can provide the equipment for you to scan filmed document images yourselves, or provide a bureau service to scan them for you.

 Film Scanning Technology

Film Scanning 1

Digitise microfilm and microfiche

We utilise the latest Sunrise Film scanners, which are unique, in offering a single scanner, with separate modules, for each type of microfilm. Sunrise can handle all the following formats:

  • 16mm Microfilm on Rolls
  • 35mm Microfilm on Rolls
  • 35mm Microfilm in Aperture Cards
  • COM (Computer Output Microfiche)
  • Jacket Microfilm
  • Combination Microfiche

ScanFlo 3000 RapidScan ­ Software

Film Scanning 2

The latest scanning technology

Our software offers quick and easy set up for production operations.
Whether scanning Rollfilm, Microfiche or Aperture cards, RapidScan software makes setting up and operating the SunRise 3000 scanner fast and easy. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) gives “point and click” control to simplify adjustments for image edge detection, contrast levels, reduction ratios, light intensities.

Spatial filtering with convolutional filters 3×3, 5×5, and 7×7 now is easier than ever with instant feedback. Problems such as poor contrast, fuzzy images, thin images, noisy images, dark images, and background noise can all be fixed easily.

Sunrise Film Scanner

Sunrise Film Scanner

The RapidScan software supports Group 3, CCITT, TIFF (Bi-Tonal), TIFF, JPEG, TIFF-LZW, GIF, and Multipage TIFF’s.

The operator can perform multiple set-ups and processing on a single workstation. These include:

  • Image detection and segmentation,
  • Crop,
  • De-Skew
  • Digitization and Indexing (Naming).

ScanFlo RapidScan detects and locates individual frames within the microfilm. Operators can vary the edge detection threshold by simple “click and drag” actions. The instant visual feedback based on threshold settings ensures proper framing and eliminates costly re-scanning of poor quality film.

Using ScanFlo RapidScan software, the SunRise 3000 RapidScan scanner can be set up to automatically perform many steps during the conversion process without operator involvement.  The end result is faster conversion and lower total costs.

To make your microfilm and microfiche documents easy to access,search and share, contact  us today on 01279 450600 or via our Contact page.