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Document Storage

Paper documents, and the information they contain, may be essential to your business.  It costs you money to store them and staff time to find them. That’s why it’s important to implement an effective document storage system for your business.

Storing paper documents in your office is fine, if you have a small quantity of documents that you need to access frequently. If documents are taking a significant amount of space, and locating them is taking too much time, then it’s time for a better solution.

Manage your documents

We provide document storage services to help you manage your documents, your space and your time. We are not just a warehouse: we are a dedicated document storage and management service. We provide a complete document storage, scanning and retrieval service.  We take away the need for your staff to leave your offices to store or retrieve your documents.

Whether you want to store one box of documents or one thousand boxes we can help.  The boxes can store all the documents that are important to your business.  This can include files, legal documents, photos, artwork, invoices and receipts, plans and schematics, invoices and receipts, contracts and more.

Document scanning on demand

Our document scanning on demand service means that when you need a document we can deliver it to your desktop quickly, as a PDF file or similar.  This happens without you or your staff having to spend valuable time sorting through boxes or filing cabinets.  It may be quicker to ask us to find and scan a stored document than to ask your staff to search for it in your own storage room.

Document scanning is a perfect fit with document storage.  The documents are stored safely with us, but still easily accessible to you.

Document retrieval

Our timescales for document retrievals are:

  • NORMAL: Requests made before 3.00 p.m. will be delivered the next working day.
  • EXPRESS: Delivered within two hours of a request providing the operation is completed within the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
  • EMERGENCY: As above, but actioned or completed outside our normal working hours, at weekends or Bank Holidays.


Document Storage Centre near London

Our Document Storage Centre near London

Document storage near London

Our document storage centre is in easy reach of London.  It is just 10 miles north of London and easy to reach from junction 7 of  the M11 motorway.

It is also easy to reach from Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridge.  It is just  20 miles south of Cambridge.

The centre is designed specifically for delivering a cost-effective storage and retrieval service.  It uses a purpose-built racking system.  The specialist asset control system means we can locate any box you need quickly.  We can deliver the document to your desktop within minutes using our scan on demand  service.  Alternatively, you can to access it on-site, or we can courier it to you.