Document Scanning Turns Your Paper Mountains into Digital Molehills

It’s in here somewhere! Do you staff climb  document  mountains?

Document Scanning

We’d now like to explain why RPJ Scanning are the best document scanning bureau to help you move your business forward.

Flexibility: we scan anything

Do you have small documents, long documents or large documents ?  We can scan them all.  We scan anything up to A0 size, in colour or black and white. We can also scan books, and large rigid items like boards.  We even do scanning of particularly awkward items for other scanning companies who lack our expertise and equipment.


We are an customer-focused  company, and make sure our service fits your needs.  Our MD is always available to speak with clients and prospects. If you have questions you can talk direct to the person in charge, not to a call centre, or to a middle-manager bound by head office procedures.

Delivery in all major file formats

We can deliver your documents in all the major file formats : PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more.  We deliver on the media that suits you best : DVD, USB hard drive, USB memory stick, or via our online document management system.

Most important of all, we deliver quality scans on time.

Good to work with

We work hard to make ourselves good to work with.  We want all our clients to be happy that they chose us. We aim to make working with us as simple as possible.

We will collect your paper documents from you, and deliver the scanned documents back to you.  We will do whatever you want with the paper documents after they have been scanned : return them, securely store them, or securely destroy them.

Our service is cost-effective and reliable

We are professional document scanners with years of experience.  Scanning high volumes of documents is not a problem to us,  We work hard on maximizing production efficiency, and are always looking at ways of improving our workflows.  This means our service is cost-effective and reliable.

Reliability and Quality Assurance

We won’t let you down.  We have built our business on exceeding our customers expectations, time after time.  Some clients have been with RPJ since the company was started in 2005.

To demonstrate our reliability and commitment to quality, RPJ Scanning achieved ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration for their document scanning work.  They have also achieved more than 10 years of successful business.

Document Scanning and London

We have many happy and well-established  clients in London.  Office space is always at a premium in London, so they appreciate that saving space means saving money.  Staff costs are also higher in London, so our clients are happy their staff don’t waste valuable time searching through paper documents.

Quality: clear, readable scans

We deliver clear, readable document scans.  We use state-of-the-art Kodak scanners, interfaced to up-to-date Kodak software which corrects and enhances the scan.  Out staff are careful and thorough. With us you won’t get scans where the document is skewed, cropped or creased, making it hard or impossible to read.

Types of Documents Scanned Regularly

  • Suppliers Invoices
  • Delivery Notes
  • Timesheets
  • Live Personnel Files
  • Leavers Files
  • Pension Files
  • Planning Department Files
  • Building Control Department Files
  • Local Land Charge Records
  • Bank Statements
  • Customer Files
  • Pharmaceutical Documentation
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Contracts and other legal documents
  • Business Cards

Do you have to store and manage any of these documents ? We can help you do it better.  It’s likely that we are already providing document scanning to a business in your geographical area, and in your market.

Document Scanning is the gateway to efficiency.

Scanning your documents returns immediate benefits, of saving storage space, increasing security, and increased accessibility.  It is also the gateway to a wide range of business efficiency improvements.  All these improvements rely on the documents being digitised by scanning.  They include :

Upfront costs and hidden costs

There is a cost, of course, for using a document scanning bureau and an online document management service.  There are also hidden costs of not using these services.  If a reliable, comprehensive source of all the important documents is not available then staff start to do their own informal document scanning and management.

They scan or photocopy key documents, to make sure they always have a copy to hand, to work on at home, or to email to a colleague.  All of which is good, but all of which eats away at their time, and your resources.  It’s wasteful : the same document may be scanned and stored several different times by several different people.  It’s inefficient : only the person who scanned the document will know where to find it. Finally, it’s unnecessary : a document scanning bureau and an online document management service will do away with it.

Data Protection, Privacy and Personal Information

Companies have to be able to keep secrets.  Keeping trade information secret is essential for business success, but keeping personal and private information secret is a legal obligation.

Firms can’t risk having personal information on their staff, such as CVs, appraisals and references, becoming public.  This is hard to achieve if the records are all paper. It is hard to control who has access to the data archive room, and harder to control who has access to a particular  filing cabinet, drawer or box.  It’s much easier if the documents are scanned then managed via a document management system.  Access is precisely defined, easily updated, and just as importantly, easily revoked.

Document Archives

Does you organisation have an archive of historic documents, such as old newspapers ? The archive brings two opposing obligations : to keep it safe, and to make it accessible. Allowing people to search the archive by hand inevitably means wear and tear on the documents. Over time they can only deteriorate, perhaps to the point at which they are no longer usable.
The answer is to scan the documents. Here at RPJ we can scan almost any size of document. Your researchers can work with the scan, which is much quicker than searching manually, so they will be happy. You know that the irreplaceable original documents are safe, which is a load off off your mind.

Helping The Third Sector

The voluntary and not-for-profit sector can benefit from document scanning.  Often these organisations start as very small groups, run by a handful of volunteers.  Like all organisations they accumulate paper : invoices, newspaper clippings, business cards, and their own publicity materials like leaflets and posters.

In the early days of an organisation storing all this in boxes, in the home of a volunteer, is fine.  It’s free, and easy to set up.  But as the organisation grows, and becomes more professional, it may be time for a change.

As volunteers move on, and new officers are elected then stand down, it becomes harder to track who has got what.  Finding a report from three years ago might mean tracking down someone who moved away two years ago, and hoping the box did not get lost in the move.  Searching through a hundred documents to find the one that is needed is slow, but acceptable.  Searching through thousands takes too long.  The person who originally filed the documents might remember exactly where everything is, and therefore be able to find whatever is needed, but the person who takes over from them will not find it so easy.

Document scanning is the answer.  It removes the need for physical storage space, so no more need to store papers in people’s homes.  It gives access to everyone who needs it, whenever they need it.  It makes the documents far more secure.  Because of the savings of time and space it can overall lead to cost reductions.

If you are managing a third sector enterprise, perhaps document scanning is part of your path to professionalism.

Scanning Is Strategic, not Tactical

For many companies scanning is a tactical exercise.  It’s done ad-hoc, on a per-department or per-office basis, with no clear standards or shared technology.  This cuts some costs, but much more can be done.

Smart companies are not  content with scanning some documents, on a by-department basis.  They make scanning a strategic decision for the whole company, so that all document flows are digital, from the moment the document reaches the front door. This really releases the power of document scanning to deliver cost and time savings.

OCR for Scanned Documents : Knowledge, not just Information

A scanned document offers far more than a realistic image of the original.  Quality OCR ( optical character recognition ) enables scanning bureaus to extract valuable knowledge from the scanned document.  The OCR recognises the characters, and builds them into words and phrases.  These can be used to index and categorise  the documents,.

At the simplest level, this enables simple searching.  So when the MD decide he wants to know how many  invoices for paper clips were received last year, it’s a quick and easy job to find out.

At a more sophisticated level document scanning and OCR enables the rapid delivery of extracted data directly into business workflows, such as mortgage approvals and insurance claims.

Our quality Kodak scanners and Kodak OCR software enable us to deliver accurate OCR from scanned documents.

 Many Hands Make Many Mistakes

The more manual a process is, the more prone it is to mistakes.  However diligent the staff are, mistakes will happen.  Manual paperwork is a mistake waiting to happen.  Misfiling a document,  or losing one sheet from a 5 sheet document happen all the time, without the staff member ever realising.

That’s one more reason why the management of business documents should be automated.  Documents should be scanned at their entry point into the enterprise, and all subsequent handling done online.

Security Requires Duplication

If a document is essential to your enterprise, then it is essential that you have more than one copy.  A single copy, whether paper of digital, is a single point of failure.  Many different risks can cause the loss of the document, and the loss of it’s information to your company.  That’s why security requires duplication.

Imagine trying to photocopy a filing cabinet full of paper.  it will take hours, and it’s likely that some of the originals will get mis-filed or lost in the process. Compare that to copying a CD or DVD.  It takes minutes, and it’s easy. That’s the security advantage that document scanning gives to your business.

The Connected Workforce

We are close to the point when everybody will have internet access all of the time.  Laptops, WiFi, tablets and smart phones are making web access ubiquitous.  That’s why it’s important to scan documents to make them available over the web.

Imagine a sales director on the way to meet an client, and suddenly realising he needs to check who signed a contract, and when.  If the contract exists only as a paper document, then he is reliant on calling a secretary or colleague, and asking them to hunt out the document.  If the documents are online, in a document management system, he can access it himself, quickly and easily.

Imagine staff who want to work at home.  If their work requires access to a filing cabinet of paper documents, it’s impossible.  If they information they need is available online, it’s easy.

Do you need a first class document scanning service? Simply call us today on 01279 450600