Digital Mailroom

Managing inbound paper correspondence represents a high overhead cost to most businesses. It takes time and effort to sort, route.  prioritise and deliver paper mail.  Where this is a manual job there are inevitably manual  errors, delays and lost documents.

The Solution : The Digital Mailroom

RPJ Online Document Management Screenshot

All your post delivered to your PC

Our digital mailroom solution means your staff will never have to handle paper inbound correspondence again.  Incoming mail is delivered direct to their desktop electronically. No more waiting for the mail man and his trolley.

The digital mailroom  is normally a totally outsourced solution, but can be set up on your premises if required. All incoming mail is received at our service bureau in Harlow, Essex via a PO Box service. Our fully trained staff then open all incoming mail, prepare the documents, scan and index them, and upload them onto our secure hosted online software, RPJ Online.

RPJ Document Scanning enables the mail to be retrieved, responded to, and shared within the organization, without the need to work with or store physical paper. Your staff receive electronic notification when new mail is received for them.  They can receive this notification, and access the mail, at any location with internet access. This makes flexible working, off-site working, and working from home much easier to achieve.

RPJ Document Scanning is powered by the award winning Instant Intelligence software, which has also been accredited with ISO27001 (Information Security Management).

The Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Reduced Staff Costs,
  • Free up valuable office filing cabinet space,
  • Receive your mail anywhere in the world securely
  • Share information with anyone in your organisation, without having to leave your desk
  • Creating copies is quick and easy : no more queuing at the photocopier
  • No more delays while files are carried around the building, or lost pieces of paper
  • Scanned mail documents are secure, safe and manageable

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