Business Continuity

Can your business survive without your office ?

Your paper documents may be at risk

Paper documents are vulnerable

If you went to work tomorrow and found that you could not access your office building how well would your business cope ?  Would you have access to key business information, such as the contact details for customers and suppliers, current orders, and payments due to be made and received ?

If any of that information is only held on paper documents in your office then you have lost access to it, which will limit your ability to carry out effective business continuity.

The risks to your business

The risks are far wider than the terrorist threat, and applies to all businesses, not just those in central London.  Fire, flod, water leaks and gas leaks can all keep your business out of your building.  And it’s not just your building : when there is a major incident the authorities will cordon off a wide area, and may keep it secured for days.  If your neighbours have a problem with their building it could become your problem, too.

The limitations of IT for Business Continuity

Your IT team should make sure that all your key electronic data is securely backed up off site.  The limitation is that they cannot secure information that is not in a digital format.

Document Scanning and Online Document Management for Business Continuity.

Document Scanning prepares paper documents for replication and moving to a secure off site store. Online Document Management provides that store, which makes your documents both safe and accessible. We scan all of your vulnerable paper documents into digital documents and store them on our secure servers.  This makes them completely safe from any disaster that might impact your building.  It also makes them accessible from any PC with internet access – you just need your username and password.  This enables you to continue running your business from almost anywhere.

Protect your documents to protect your business : call us or contact us today to find out more.