Is storing my documents with you cheaper than storing them in my office?

  • Almost certainly : your office is designed to be a pleasant working environment, but our warehouse  is designed for the efficient storage of documents

Is scanning my documents with you cheaper than storing them in my office?

Are you a financially secure company ?

  • Definitely.  We have been in business since 2005, and are completely secure financially.  We recommend you carry out a credit check on us and on our competitors, we are that confident!

What kind of organisations do you deal with ?

  • Any one who needs us !  We work with large and small organisations, in the public, private and third sectors.  Our clients include local authorities, hotels, accountants, hospitals, banks, police forces,  NHS organisations, fire services, pharmaceutical companies and aerospace companies.

Are you easy to reach ?

  • Yes, if you are based in London or the South East.  Our scanning bureau in Harlow is just 10 miles north of London and 20 miles south of Cambridge.  It is 5 miles from the M11 and 10 miles from the M25 London orbital motorway.  We are close to Harlow Town station, which is on the main line from London to Cambridge and Stansted Airport, so we are easy to reach by public transport from London. We are about 20 minutes drive from London Stansted Airport.  We are in Essex but very close to the border with Hertfordshire, so we are easy to reach from Herts, too.

Where are your clients based ?

  • Our clients are based all over the UK.  We offer a nationwide service.  We have a particular concentration of clients in London.

How quickly can I access a document when it’s urgent ?

  • Within 30 minutes normally, which may well be quicker than if the document was in an overcrowded storage room in your office.  We will find the document, scan it, and upload it for you to access from your desktop PC.

What kind of document scanners do you use ?

  • We only use Kodak document scanners, because we find that they are the best on the market, and consistently give the best results.

What about a self storage unit: is it cheaper than using a scanning bureau or archive storage facility?

  • They can look cheap and easy : but the costs and convenience are both misleading.  Costs first :  when your unit is half full you are paying for far more space than you need, then when it’s full adding just one more box causes a big step increase in your costs.  PLus, you may need to pay for suitable racking to be added to your room.
  • About convenience : adding and retrieving documents can take hours of your staff’s time as they travel to the storage site and gain access.

What kind of documents can you scan ?

  • We scan almost anything : tickets, invoices, receipts, bar code labels.  We scan documents of any size, from something as small as a stamp up to to AO (841mm x 1189 mm).  We can even scan rigid documents such as boards and signs.

Can you scan books ?

  • Of course.  Notebooks, manuals, record logs, and diaries can all be scanned and secured.  We can also scan well logs which are extremely valuable documents.

Can you fit your service to our organisation ?

  • Almost certainly.  Some of our competitors are multi-national companies with layers of management, policies and procedures.  It can be hard to find and talk to the person you need to get what you want.  We are not like that.  All our clients can talk directly to our owner/manager, Roy Holland.  Just call 01279 450600 and ask for Roy Holland : it’s that simple.

We are trying to go green : can you help ?

  • Definitely.  Moving an electronic document around a network uses a lot less energy than, for example, moving a box of paper documents around in a van.  Copying paper documents means chopping down more trees : copying scanned documents does not.

Are you Quality Assured?

  • We are.  RPJ achieved  ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration for our document scanning work in September 2014.