Document Scanning in London

Document Scanning helps London businesses achieve:

  • More office space: use the space for people, not documents
  • Lower costs: stop using expensive space for documents
  • More time: documents are found more quickly
  • More security: documents are secured
  • More control: access to documents is controlled and  an audit trail recorded
  • Better communications: documents are easy to share

Why Choose RPJ for Document Scanning?

RPJ’s many clients in London rely on them to deliver :

  • speed and efficiency
  • security and reliability
  • state of the art technology
  • top quality scanning
  • excellent customer service
  • a flexible, customer-focused approach
  • an excellent online Document Management System

Their commitment to quality is demonstrated by their achieving ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration for document scanning.

Making a start

If you’re new to document scanning, we will explain clearly how it will work for you.  If you already use a document scanning bureau in London, we will explain why we can offer a better service, because of our flexible and customer-focused approach.

For an informal chat about how RPJ  can help your business simply contact us.  Alternatively, for a quick free quote just complete our simple online Document Scanning Quick Quote Form.

Collection and return in London

RPJ’s strong London client base means they do regular runs through London to collect new documents for scanning.  After scanning the documents can be:

  • returned to you
  • archived with us, safely and securely, saving your valuable office space
  • securely destroyed, including issuing a certificate documenting what has been destroyed and when.

Why London Businesses Need Document Scanning

London’s position as a leading world city is both an opportunity and a challenge to it’s businesses.  The opportunity is they have a vast number of potential clients right on their doorstep.  The challenge is that they compete for staff, and office space, with some of the biggest and richest global companies.  The hot-spots of the City, Docklands and the West End are amongst the most expensive in the world, and  have a knock-on effect, pushing up costs for businesses throughout London.

That’s why London companies have to work harder than others on controlling their overheads.  Both staff and space are too expensive to waste.  Using staff and space to manage paper documents is not an effective use of either.  Document scanning is essential.

Plus, London is a big and busy city, so transport is never quick or reliable.  It’s far better to send documents digitally than physically: always faster and cheaper.  Scanning archives of paper documents is a short-term cost but a long-term saving.

A UK Company for UK Clients

Some of our competitors are US-based multi-national corporations with offices all over the world.  They like to talk about the economies of scale this produces, and how they are passed on to the customer.  They are less keen to talk about their multiple levels of management, and who pays for the overhead costs this represents.

Plus, it means that London customers are thousands of miles from their Head Office and the decision-makers.  You may get a London-based account manager to talk to, but they can only follow the rules laid down by head office.  They often cannot tailor their service to your needs.

RPJ are different.  They are based just outside London, and MD Roy Holland is happy to visit London clients and prospects face-to-face.  He will take time to understand exactly what prospects need, then find the best way to deliver it.

Commercial property prices mean space cannot be wasted

London’s domestic property prices are a staple of conversation for those living in London, and the high cost of commercial property is of equal interest to those trying to do business in London.  Property prices, like many of the buildings, are sky high.  Deals at over £70 per square foot are commonplace.

There are many high-profile new developments going on, but supply is not keeping up with demand.  London is now the third most-expensive city in the world to rent skyscraper office space, tying with Tokyo and behind New York and Hong Kong.

These prices mean space cannot be wasted.  The space for the water cooler is costing your business £250 per year.  To use space for storing documents is simply not cost-justified.  Documents should be  scanned then accessed digitally.  If a hard copy with a wet signature is needed, then companies use offsite document storage.

London’s Events can be a Nightmare for Businesses

London has a rich social and cultural life, on top of it’s role as the UK’s capital city.  This is reflected in the number of special events that come to London.  Matches and marches, parties and protests, concerts and conferences all come to London.  Unfortunately they all add an extra load to London’s overloaded roads, which can be a real nightmare for businesses.

London’s White Van Man is rightly renowned for his resourcefulness and knowledge of short-cuts, and the motorbike couriers are even better and finding their way through.  But even they cannot always find a way round through when roads are closed and diversions jammed.

If you rely on calling documents in from your off-site document storage, then this can be a problem.  You need a document urgently, but your archive service just cannot get it to you in time.  How often have you been told “We’re sorry it’s late, but the courier is stuck in traffic”?

Document scanning is the answer.  If you only need a few pages scanned, then our scan on demand service is perfect.  If you need thousands of pages scanned then our online document management system does everything you need.

Be Kind To London

Any Londoner will tell you that traffic levels, and the consequent pollution levels, are a major concern.  If you are moving your documents round London physically, then you are contributing to the problem.  Document scanning means you can move your documents electronically, instead.  It’s faster, more reliable, and greener.  Be kind to London : use document scanning to cut traffic and cut pollution.

Regulatory and Reputation Risk

London is a centre for banking, insurance and other financial services.  For companies in this sector keeping adequate records is a regulatory requirement, and essential to their business.  We help companies meet this obligation, at the same time as saving them space and money and increasing their efficiency.

The authorities regularly punishes companies who have failed to keep adequate documentation on their clients, with harsh fines.  More damaging is the publicity that these fines always attract.  The regulators like them to become news stories, to give the public a perception that they are doing a good job.  Unfortunately for the company involved, this also gives the public a perception of the company as being unreliable and untrustworthy. The consequent reputational damage can last for years.

Converting paper documents into a digital format, by document scanning, is an essential first step to securing those records, and so avoiding the regulatory and reputational risk.

Help London, Help your business

Help London, and help your business, by spending a little time learning what document scanning can do for you.  Simply contact us to make a start.

RPJ Scanning London Office

Our London office is in the Kings Cross area, and so midway between the City and the West End.  The postal address is :

RPJ Document Management Ltd
14/22 Vale Royal, York Way
N7 9AU
For a first class document scanning service in London please call us today on 07841 988110