Document Scanning in Education

Budgets and Priorities

Throughout the education sector, from nurseries to universities, budgets are tight and managers are under pressure to do more with less.  Front-line teaching must always be the priority, so the administration functions must support this by running as efficiently as possible.

Document Scanning may well solve a problem for many organisations.  It saves money, saves time, and increases efficiency: exactly what the education sector needs.

HR and Personnel Records

HR and personnel records are essential.  It’s not just necessary to follow the right procedures through the employment process: there must also be an audit trail to demonstrate this was done.

Paper records are fragile, and relying on them is a risk.  They can be lost, damaged and defaced.  To remove this risk is simple : scan the documents into an an online document management system.

It’s equally important that personnel records are secure.  The school owes its employees a duty of confidentiality.  This is hard to achieve with paper documents.  That CV left in the photocopier might end up in the staffroom, or the playground.

With document scanning and an online document management system security is designed in from the ground up.  Access to documents is precisely controlled.

There’s no need for photocopying: the document is already available to everybody who needs it – and to nobody else.

Financial Records

These days are over

These days are over

The time will come when all invoices are electronic, and all payments are electronic, too.  Unfortunately we are not there yet, which places a paperwork burden on purchasers.  They still need to receive, share, and process paper invoices, then securely store them to provide the essential audit trail.

Filing cabinets and archive boxes can do this, but only at an unnecessary cost in both time and manpower.  It’s far more efficient to scan the documents then store them electronically.

Academic and pupil records

Schools and colleges need to keep academic records for a long time.  It’s possible that, years after they leave, questions will be asked about a pupil’s academic achievements.  The answers are hidden away in paper documents : exam results, attendance, school prizes and awards.  Finding the answers can take a lot of time.  Sometimes it is a pointless exercise, because the documents required have been lost or simply filed in the wrong place.

Consent Forms

It is standard practice to ask for a signed consent form before many out-of-school activities.  Thankfully, the forms are rarely needed.  When they are needed, it is often urgent, and very important.  Relying on the teacher concerned may not be enough : they may be away, or even have left the school.  It’s far better to scan the forms as a matter of routine, so that they are always available to whoever needs them.

Document scanning solves all of these problems.  Your pupils’ records and achievements are made secure and easy to find.

Document Scanning Can Help

  • It doesn’t matter if you have a backlog of paper documents : we can scan them all in for you
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a suitable scanner : we can supply one, and train you how to use it, or do the scanning for you
  • It doesn’t matter if your budgets are tight : with our online document management system you pay for what you use, when you use it


To learn more about how document scanning can help the education sector please contact us today.