Document Scanning for Solicitors

For solicitors, every case and every client creates new documents that must be stored safely, and

These days are over

These days are over

accessed quickly. Keeping the new documents secure and confidential are essential professional obligations, and getting this wrong is a major breach of the duty of care.

The number of documents needing storage is always growing, but the amount of space available is finite.  Off-site archive storage can help,  but is not ideal, because it’s impossible to predict when a client might need sight of a document.

Meeting Rising Client Expectations

In today’s digital world clients neither expect nor accept long delays in accessing documents.  Clients are used to almost instant access to information, and expect this from solicitors.

The Solution : Document Scanning

Document scanning can solve all these problems:

  • Documents are safe : they are backed up, and are easy to duplicate.
  • Documents are secure : access is precisely controlled.
  • Documents are easy to access. They are available at any PC with internet access.

Plus, they are easy to locate.  They can be organised into categories and sub-categories, with the additional power of indexing for keyword search.  Keyword search is like having your won private search engine, with access to all of you scanned documents.

Clients Will Be Impressed

Your clients will be most impressed by the ease and speed with which their documents can be found.  You will show yourself to be modern and efficient, the opposite of the dreadful popular stereotypes of the slow, old-fashioned and unhelpful law firm.

Controlling Overhead Costs

Clients sometimes think that because some solicitors charge quite high hourly rates then they, and their firm’s partners, must be rich.  Solicitors know this is not necessarily true : a lot of that hourly rate goes on overhead costs.

Controlling costs is essential.  If overheads are not controlled then the partners find themselves working very hard, for very little return. Document scanning plays a part in controlling overheads, by reducing the requirement for office space or off-site data archiving space, and by reducing the time staff spend filing paper documents, the manually searching for them.

 The Unique Challenges For London Solicitors

Solicitors with practices outside London sometimes envy their London colleagues their fee earning potential.  In fact, it is not easy running a practice in London.  There is the possibility of earning very high fees, for example from commercial law in the City for banks and insurance companies, but this work is very competitive.

There are more solicitors in London than anywhere else in the UK, so winning work is never easy.  Plus, wages are higher, and the cost overheads of rent and rates are higher, which means managing partners are always on the look-out for ways of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.  That’s why document scanning is so widespread in London solicitors.

We explain more about the importance of document scanning for London businesses here.

Meeting The Challenges Of The Future

The business environment in which solicitors work is facing rapid change.  Regulatory changes mean that in the future solicitors will not just compete against each other, but also against big, trusted household brands.

To understand the potential effects, look at what regulatory change did for opticians.  The old trusted family firms are largely gone, wiped out by the big new brands with money to invest in TV advertising.

The big brands understand the importance to of efficiency and an effective workflow.  They know that any company which is not efficient will be overtaken by its competitors.  They will bring this attitude to the work of solicitors.  Doing things the way they have always been done will not be considered, for a moment.  They will identify the most efficient way to work, and invest in the equipment needed to achieve it.

One thing they will never use is boxes of paper documents.  Every document will be scanned, and the entire workflow managed using digital records of scanned documents.  They will not pay for secretaries, para-legals and solicitors to carry boxes, or search through filling cabinets. Solicitors need to follow the same process, and achieve internal efficiencies as quickly as possible.  Document scanning is an essential part of this process.

The Next Step

The next step is simple : contact us for an friendly, informal chat about how we can help.  We’re happy to meet you face-to face in London, Essex and the Home Counties.