Document Scanning for Pharmaceutical Companies

The success of a  Pharmaceutical or Life Sciences company is defined by it’s success at innovation.  This innovation must take place within a very controlled  regime.  Patient safety, patient confidentiality and commercial confidentiality cannot be compromised.  A full audit trail must be maintained.  The key to this is documentation, document management, and document scanning.

The Importance of Managing Documents

From research to clinical trials all the way through the application process and marketing campaign documents must be managed.  Some part of the document set will involve paper documents.  For example, clinical trials happen in homes and hospitals, not labs, so paper documents are often the most appropriate medium.  Document scanning enables companies to integrate the paper records back into the overall digital document flow and document management system.  It’s an essential tool for a Pharmaceutical or Life Sciences company.

Document Scanning for Efficient Record Keeping

The record keeping requirements on Pharmaceutical or Life Sciences companies are strict, and must be complied with.  This does not mean that all he paper records ever created must be kept forever.  Document scanning turns boxes of paper documents into digital documents.  It saves space, and also makes it much easier to access, manage and control the documents.

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