Document Scanning for Liquidators

The public often has a warped view of liquidators.   They are always associated with failed businesses, yet the problems are never of their making.  The liquidator’s ole is essential, in recovering as much value as possible for the creditors.  They are required to go into a business they know nothing about it, understand it, makes sure it functions on a day-to-day basis, and make vital strategic choices about it’s future.  They ae also required to do this with as little expense as possible.

Securing Paper Documents

Part of the liquidator’s challenge is the volume of paper documents the company owns. The liquidators cannot tell which documents are important, and cannot risk destroying important information.  Therefore it is is very hard to identify documents that can be securely destroyed.  The usual practice is to keep every paper document, just in case it is needed in the future.  However, the need to secure information has to be balanced with the liquidator’s duty to secure as much of a return as possible for the company’s creditors, by controlling expense.

Time is also often part of the challenge.  The premises from which the business was run may not be available for long.  There may only be a few days to secure the documents.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning combined with document archive storage to deliver  scan-on-demand capabilities is the solution.

All the documents are moved from the business premises to a dedicated document storage facility.  Because the facility is purpose-built it is secure, and the storage is cost-effective.  The cost will be much less than continuing to pay the rent or lease on an empty office.

Scan Documents On Demand

There’s no need to scan all the documents, which helps reduce costs.  security and low costs. If and when a documents is needed it is scanned at the storage depot then uploaded to an online document management system.  The system makes it available to the person who needs it, right at their desktop.  It’s available anywhere there is internet access, which is ideal for liquidators who often work away from their own office.  It’s also secure, which meets the needs for confidentiality.

This approach saves time for the liquidator, and therefore money for the creditors.

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