Document Scanning for Human Resources (HR)

HR departments are under pressure to be more effective, and more cost effective.  The workload is increasing, as more processes need to be completed for each employee, but budgets are static or shrinking.

Document scanning and our document management system, can streamline and automate HR workflows, from interviews, through induction, to separation.  This gives the increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness that HR departments need.

Ensuring processes are complete

The Document Management System specifies which documents are required for each process.  For example, it can specify that a nee starter must submit their bank details. If a document is missing then  reports can flag up the problem via email to a set of addresses.

Efficient retrieval

Documents are classified, index and archived.  This makes it easy to retrieve document sets, either for a given group of employees, such as recent starters or a specific department, or for a given type of document, such as CRB/DBS checks.

Importing documents

Documents can be imported into the system from a wide range of formats.  Paper and other physical documents, such as driving licenses, can be scanned in.  Electronic documents in a wide range of formats, including Word, PDF and TIFF, can be imported.

Archiving and retention policies

If HR departments are to manage their documents then getting rid of documents is almost as important as acquiring them.  There needs to be a set of retention policies, defining how long each document set is retained.  Documents relating to an unsuccessful applicant may be kept for three years : those relating to an ex employee for seven years or more.

Our document management system automates this process , making it easy to beoth define the policies, and ensure they are carried out.

Protecting Confidentiality

It’s easy to give specific users access to just a specific set of documents.  They can see everything they need, and nothing else.  All access, and all updates, are securely logged.  This makes it easy for HR departments to meet their legal and professional confidentiality obligations.