Document Scanning for Contracts

Effective management of contracts is essential for all medium and large companies, and for many public sector organisations. Document scanning, matched with RPJ’s online document management system, can improve both the  efficiency and the effectiveness with which contracts and managed.

Scanning and Importing Contracts

The document management system allows contracts to be imported from a wide range of formats, including paper documents that are scanned in, and electronic documents in Word, PDF and other formats.  The documents can be indexed, updated, archived, and have a retention plan set.

Access and Change Control

It is essential that access to sensitive contract documents is precisely controlled.  The Document Management System delivers this.  Plus, it allows documents to be checked out and checked in.  This maintains a record of the changes made to the document, giving a complete audit trail of the documents history.

Managing Contract Expiry

The built-in retention policy system can be configured to automatically flags up all contracts that are close to expiry.