Document Scanning for Accountants

Some companies keep good financial records, and some do not.  The bad ones requires their accountants to fill the gap, by extracting the essential information from an unstructured collection of paper documents.  Document scanning makes this more efficient, and so helps ease the annual year-end rush.

RPJ Document Scanning can turn that box of receipts and  invoices into structured electronic documents, which are easy to search.  Entering information into Sage or any other program becomes a quick cut & paste, which is faster and more accurate than manual re-entry of the data.

Better response to the client, and the tax man.

If the client wants to see the supporting documents for their tax return or year end results then it’s quick and easy to extract the documents required and email them to the client.  If the taxman starts an investigation and wants to see the evidence for the figures submitted then it’s so much easier if all the documents have been scanned.  It’s also much easier to maintain and validate your own internal audit trail if the documents are all scanned, rather than archived into cardboard boxes.

Scanning : In-House or Outsourced ?

It’s cheap and quick to buy a scanner and start scanning in-house, but it’s often a false economy.  Documents from cheap and cheerful scanners and scanning software may be poor quality, skewed, incomplete, and hard to read.  OCR software, which reads the scan and converts the text, is essential for searching and indexing to work properly.  Your in-house software may not match the quality of result produced by the professional systems use by scanning bureaus like RPJ Scanning.  You in-house file server may simply not have the space to store all the scanned documents.

For professional advice and a professional solution, call RPJ Scanning today.  We deliver excellent scanning to companies throughout the UK, from our base just north of London.