Document Scanning and Local Government

We help local government bodies achieve their goals, by implementing document scanning and document management.

The pressure is on for local government.  Budgets are tight, but requirements are growing.  Local government organisation need to find ways to deliver their services, at the same time as increasing financial efficiency.


Freedom of Information legislation means it’s no longer possible for local government organisations to regard any information as redundant, or as suitable for archiving somewhere where it might take a long time to find.  A Freedom of Information request can be received at any time, for any item of information, regardless of how obscure it may seem.

Document Scanning helps you meet your legal obligations to respond promptly to requests.  Your paper documents are scanned, keyworded and indexed.  Responding to a request needs a few minutes at a desktop computer, not hours trawling through boxes.


Budgets are tight, and are going to get tighter.  You need to deliver better services with less money and less man hours.  Paper document archives waste money, for the space they are stored in, and man hours, because they are not easy to search. It’s time to move to document scanning.

Local government bodies in London are especially likely to benefit from document scanning, as both staff costs and facilities costs are higher in London.


Every local government body needs to demonstrate that it is changing and evolving to meet best practice goals.  Technology is often the catalyst for this change.  Staff respond positively to new systems, if they are perceived as making their jobs easier. Elected representatives and value-for-money auditors respond well to projects that use well-established technology to deliver cost savings and efficiency benefits.

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