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Document Scanning makes essential documents more secure, more manageable, and easier to find. RPJ deliver quality-assured document scanning with great prices and great customer service.

Document Scanning and Online Document Management helps businesses achieve :

  • GDPR compliance :  see our  scanning & GDPR page
  • More space : use office space for your staff, not for documents
  • Lower overheads : stop space on documents
  • More time : documents can be located quickly and accurately, by their category and their content
  • More security : confidential documents are secured, and all access to them is controlled and logged
  • Better communications : documents are efficiently shared, throughout an organisation and beyond.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 UKAS 2017

RPJ Scanning demonstrate their commitment to quality and good service by holding  ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration.

Thirteen Years of Successful Business

RPJ have completed more than 13 years trading, building a successful business on their reputation for providing excellent customer service at a reasonable price in London and beyond.

Why Choose RPJ for Document Scanning?

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Finding documents is simple, fast and efficient when all your business documents are scanned, categorised, indexed, searchable and online.
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Save employee time, save office space and save your business money.  Document scanning is the most efficient way of capturing, storing and sharing vital information.
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Quality Assurance

RPJ Scanning hold ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration with UKAS for their document scanning work.
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Data Security

Our online document management service enables you to define, control and audit  who can see which documents, and to update this access in seconds.
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Some scanning bureaus are small parts of big multi-national companies. RPJ Scanning are independent  and therefore more flexible.  We tailor our service to your needs.
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Our Kodak scanning equipment and software are state of the art, and so is our online document management system.

We invest, so that you do not need to.
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Your Next Steps

To discover more, or for a free consultation, please contact us. We are always happy to discuss how we can help.  We are happy to visit you to meet face-to-face, or to talk over the phone. There’s no hard sell, just a discussion on how we can help.  With us, you talk to a document scanning expert, not a salesman with a sales target to meet.

Document Scanning for London

Business in London

Business in London

We believe document scanning is particularly valuable to businesses in London, because of the high costs and unique challenges of running a business in London.  We explain more here and  here.   We have a large client base in London, and we regularly collect and and return documents throughout London.  If you are a London business working with a legacy of paper documents, we can help.

Catching Up or Keeping Up?  We Can Help.

Some of our clients come to us to catch up.  They have a large volume of documents that need scanning as quickly as possible.  They know we have the capacity to  clear the backlog far more quickly than if they do it themselves.  We have better scanners and better OCR, and a well-trained team.  Using RPJ is probably more cost-effective than using your own team’s time.

Other clients want a keep up.  They need a regular steady stream of documents scanned, to keep up to date as new documents come in.  We’re experts at this, too.  We have an efficient workflow in place for this.  We’re happy to collect and return the documents, including in Central London.

Anyone Can Scan.  Business Scanning Requires a Professional Bureau.

Today’s technology means anyone can scan a document.  Your phone, and your home printer/scanner, can scan.  Scanning for a business requires a professional bureau like RPJ.  We have expertise, excellent equipment, and a high capacity, which enables us to deliver:

  • fast and cost-effective scanning of high volumes
  • top-quality scans every single time
  • top-quality OCR, making the scanned documents easy to index, find, and share
  • scanning of documents of all sizes

Document Scanning Quick Quote

For a quote simply complete our quick quote form  It asks the questions we need to understand what you want.  We will get back to you with a price as soon as possible.